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The project samples show a limited selection of customer projects, customer proof of concepts and own personal projects. We hope they will give you an idea on the versality of skills and project experience we have established during our consultancy career.

Sedacrivity provides SAP Netweaver technical consultancy, ABAP OO development, Mobile development, Website Design, Internet Development, Umbraco design & development.


Project Samples (12)

Customer Project - SAP Fiori PI E2E Monitor

SAP Fiori alike web application to display SAP PI End-2-End messages information.  ►

Customer Project - SAPUI5 Messaging Dashboard

SAPUI5 light-weight browser application displaying PI messaging statistics for 'personal' and 'general' cockpit sets.  ►

Personal Case study - SAP Gateway Investigation

An investigation of the capabilities of SAP Gateway and the ODATA protocol using a custom, simple data model - game materials, family and categories. I used the SAP Gateway Test Drive on LINUX which is currently on SP05.  ►

Customer Proof Of Concept - Android Native App Integrated with SAP ERP

Android native app which integrates with SAP ERP via SAP PI to display lab analysis results. Analyses can be identified via QR code scanning. Retrieved results are stored locally as well to allow data display when not connected.  ►

Customer Project - SAP PI End-2-End Statistics Cockpit

An 'End-2-End' statistics cockpit monitor displaying statistical information about the processed messages within SAP PI & SAP back ends. Users can manage their own 'cockpits' and select exactly which messages they want to include.  ►

Customer Project - SAP Workflow with ABAP Web Dynpro - PO Delivery Follow Up

A SAP workflow process to follow up the late delivery of purchase orders. The process is integrated with a web application to allow end users to visually manage the follow up and contact the supplier.  ►

Customer Project - SAP PI Message Monitor for Business Users

A user-friendly message monitor for business users which allows them to follow up their SAP PI B2B messages using 'business-related' search data.  ►

Customer Project - SAP PI Data Mapping Engine

A custom SAP PI Data Mapping Engine which allows 'source-to-target' message content data conversion using configurable mapping rules.  ►

Customer Project - B2B Web Application

Custom build SAP B2B web application which provides order entry based on personal product catalogs. Includes shopping basket, order simulation & creation, backorder listings, etc.  ►

Customer Project - SAP Business Connector

B2B Integration with external partners and internal systems using the SAP Business Connector.  ►

Customer Project - SAP ABAP Web Services

SAP ABAP Web Services provide external access to SAP Product master data. The WS provide a wide range of operations tailored for usage by the public web site.  ►

Customer Project - SAP Custom Article Maintenance Transaction

A custom built SAP article maintenance transaction which automates the normal 15 minutes creation of an article into 30 seconds and supports all kind of web related information including screen image management.  ►

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