openSAP Course - Application Integration with Hana Cloud Integration

I have followed the online openSAP course introducing the new application integration possibilities within the HANA Clould Platform - the service 'HANA Cloud Integration' (HCI)

I am pleased to announce that I completed the course and obtained an official 'Record Of Achievement'. 

Course Description

Integration stands at the very center of digital transformation. Since the emergence of the Internet, companies have had to find new ways to run their processes in diverse settings, and to transfer data safely and smoothly across different systems, both internally and externally. To achieve this communication between systems, SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) is the solution of choice. SAP HCI is, in addition, the central strategic integration platform for SAP and a core constituent of SAP's cloud strategy. Knowing how to use it is therefore essential for the future success of every company in the SAP ecosystem. This course will give you all the information you need to get started. We’ll cover the basic underlying concepts of SAP HCI, how to work with pre-packaged integration content, and how customers are currently using it. At the heart of the course is a tutorial on how to use SAP HCI to solve integration problems. During the course, you’ll learn how to model, run, and monitor integration scenarios. The course will be rounded off with a unit about the development of adapters for connecting to various systems, and a roadmap session about SAP HCI’s future.

The online course covered the following topics:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started

  • Unit 2: Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • Unit 3: Advanced Topics and Roadmap

Record of Achievement

Steven De Saeger

has successfully completed the following openSAP course:

Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration*

Instructors: Dr. Volker Stiehl and Sindhu Gangadharan


Maximum score possible for this course: 180 points.

The candidate scored 180 points (100 %) by working on
assignments and taking the final exam.

The candidate belongs to the top 5% of the course participants.

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