openSAP Course - Introduction to Mobile Solution Development

I have followed the online openSAP course regarding mobile solution development.

The course explained the different mobile programming approaches ... from 'pure mobile web sites', via hybrid web applications to native developed (Android) applications ... and how the SAP Mobile Platform fits into those programming approaches. 

I am pleased to say I passed the final exams and obtained an official 'Record Of Achievement'.  

Course Description

"Mobile technology has become an integral component in our lives and is driving the expectations of how we interact with our business systems.
Like SAP, top businesses today recognize the value of enabling their employees to work anytime, anywhere through the use of mobile technologies. However, providing this ability in an enterprise context can become quite tricky. 
We certainly want to be able to do business on our phones and tablets, but we’re not necessarily aware of what needs to go on behind the scenes to enable this."

The six-week online course covered the following topics:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Mobile Development
  • Week 2: Enterprise Mobility
  • Week 3: Creating an Enterprise-ready Application
  • Week 4: OData
  • Week 5: Client Design and Implementation Choices
  • Week 6: Enterprise Security Concept & Outlook

Record of Achievement

Steven De Saeger

has successfully completed the following openSAP course:

Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for the Enterprise

Instructor: Craig Haworth


Maximum score for this course: 360 points.

The candidate scored 349 points (96.9 %) by working on weekly
assignments and taking a final exam.

The candidate belongs to the top 5 % of the course participants.

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