openSAP Course - SAP Business suite powerd by SAP HANA

I have followed the online openSAP course introducing the SAP Business suite powered by SAP HANA.

The course introduced how SAP HANA can change the current way of doing 'business' using the SAP Business suite products (like ECC, CRM, etc) within different industries and lines of businesses.

Furthermore the course discussed the best approach(es) for installing a new SAP HANA system or upgrade existing systems towards the SAP HANA platform.

I am pleased to say I passed the final exams and obtained an official 'Record Of Achievement'.  

Course Description

SAP Business Suite software comprises a set of fully integrated applications such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, and SAP SRM that enable enterprises to run their core business operations more efficiently. It provides end-to-end process support for areas such as customer engagement, finance, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, and IT management. Whenever technological evolution and customer demand led to new market categories, SAP has delivered enterprise applications that transform technology into practical, everyday business value across 26 industries.

With SAP HANA, SAP offers the first full in-memory platform in the cloud today, and has taken the lead in making the concept of a real-time enterprise a reality.

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA not only brings together transactions and analytics on a single in-memory platform; it completely redefines the concept of real time (which the ‘R’ in R/1, R/2 and R/3 has always stood for). It enables business processes be re-thought, drives real-time business transformation, and generates customer value both for business and IT.

In this course, we’ll learn about the value of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA for lines of business and industries, and how to best exploit this value.

The four-week online course covered the following topics:

  • Week 1: Getting Started

  • Week 2: Deep Dive for Line of Business

  • Week 3: Deep Dive for Industry

  • Week 4a: Next Steps for Existing Customers

    Week 4b: Next Steps for New Customers

Record of Achievement

Steven De Saeger

has successfully completed the following openSAP course:

SAP Business suite powerd by SAP HANA


Instructor: Experts from Lines of Business, Industries

and SAP HANA Services


Maximum score possible for this course: 120 points.

The candidate scored 112 points (93.3 %) by working on


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