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I have been very busy with writing a complete custom solution on SAP PI for integrating various SAP business backends with trade registars for complying towards the new "European Market Infrastructure Regulation" (EMIR) regulations.

Due to the financial banking crisis, the EU is making an effort to make the trading in financial transactions more transparent and safer. Therefore it has defined a central trading repository where all financial and non-financial EU companies need to report their trading activities. More detailed information regarding EMIR can be found here.

The company I am writing this solution for has a complex landscape of SAP backend systems which hold a diverse set of business units.  All these units need to report their activities.

SAP PI has been chosen as the central platform which maps and collects all the different trading information (in different source formats) and bundles everything together for regular delivery towards the trade registars.  The applciation includes storage of transactional data, change history logging,various configuraiton data,  etc ... End-users can be notified by email notifications when data does not pass a validation & quality check.

SAP has its own plug-in for EMIR - called TARO - but this solution is specifically tailored for plugging into the existing 'treasury module' of SAP and as such was not sufficient to handle the complete range of possible transactions. Therefore it was chosen to put SAP PI in the middle ... which receives data from this solution and from any other SAP and custom solutions within the company.

Overall a very challenging project with a high visibility within the company and a challenging deadline as the official kick-off date is 12 february 2014. 





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