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Performing an upgrade at Game Mania of SAP Business Connector to the latest release - 4.8 - which may sound as a 'surprise' or 'old school'.

SAP did release however a new version a couple of years ago despite the fact that it declared SAP BC 'virtual dead' when it announced 'SAP Exchange Infrastructure' ( SAP XI ) - the predecessor of the current SAP Process Infrastructure ( SAP PI ) platform.  

SAP BC can still be used by SAP customers to integrate their SAP backend systems with internal and external platforms - included in their SAP license as long as there is a SAP system involved in the connection.  

SAP BC can be considered as the 'small brother' of a SAP PI system - it does not offer all the standard available adapters of SAP PI but it handles the job well for basic integration scenario's involving HTTP(S), FTP, SMTP & JDBC.  It is a 100% JAVA platform and as such can be 'extended' with 3th party JAVA solutions, it does offer 'load balancing', 'reverse proxy', etc ...

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