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2013 is already ongoing for a while  ... time to list some interests & objectives for the coming year ... SAP is moving ahead fast and times are changing.

So what's on our list ?

  • SAP Gateway ... this ABAP addon will turn any SAP netweaver system into a REST enabled service provider / client ... Allowing BAPI's, RFC's and custom objects to be exposed as REST services using the ODATA standard ...
  • ODATA, JSON, ... lots of new (old) standards have found their way into the SAP eco system ...
  • SAPUI5 ... yet again a new 'client frontend' model from SAP ... based on jQuery ( Javascript ) ... being positioned as THE new future front-end by SAP for small web applications on desktops, mobile, etc ... while web dynpro would remain the preferred technology for larger business applications
  • SAP Cloud Developments - build applications hosted in the cloud which seamlessly integrate with SAP systems ...
  • SAP HANA ... never hurts to find out a bit more on SAP's latest serious leap forward ... especially when SAP ERP on HANA is there ... 

That's quite alot of fresh new technologies ... waiting to get explored and mastered ...

2013 promises to be an interesting year :-)


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