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In the spriit that one can never learn enough ... I will follow 2 new openSAP courses - "SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials" and "Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5" ... 

The 'HANA Clould Platform" course will give an update on the possibilities of SAP's cloud solution - ranging from pure development till specific services like 'gamafication' or 'Internet Of Things'.

At the same time there is a new course introducing web application development with SAPUI5 ... although I am already quite familiar with UI5 I reckon it still doesn't hurt to follow this course as no doubt there will be various topics which I haven't touched before ... like eg the built-in 'unit' and 'OPA' testing frameworks ...

It will be quite 'challenging' though to follow them both at the same time ... as openSAP managed to schedule both courses around the same time ... but oh well ... 

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