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Today the new openSAP course - ABAP Development for SAP HANA - started and I am enlisted to follow this 4 week course.

As all (new) products of SAP will be using the (new) SAP HANA database it is quite important for ABAP developers to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying HANA technologies and how these impact the way ABAP/4 programs should be written to gain the most performance improvements.

The first week of the course looked very promising with good presentations from the duo "Dr. Jasmin Gruschke" and "Jens Weiler".

As a bonus ... the latest version of the SAP Netweaver AS on SAP HANA is available for installation on AWS which gives us a great developer system for a minor cost per month ... A nice feature is that also a front-end server is installed which includes a preconfigured SAPGUI logon and a SAP HANA studio installation ... so no more fiddling around with own, local installations ... the only drawback I see would be that installing those gives you some experience as well and obviously the AWS charges increase as one is now running 2 instances.

But nevertheless ... having a personal online developer system allows us to either built the targeted excercise - which is a combination of a SAP Fiori UI via ABAP/4 towards the SAP HANA database - or have a go at whatever our heart desires.

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