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I am following the new openSAP course - Next Steps in Software Development on SAP HANA - by Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman - which discusses in 6 weeks some more advanced concepts regarding SAP HANA XS development and also the changes that occured with the release of the new service packs since the original course.

The course has been going on now for a couple of weeks and is again of a high standard with excellent course material, exercises and presenters.

There have been quite some changes under the hood with a special focus on easing the life of developers ... as the development environment and transport management system were not yet up to standards as compared with a typical ABAP environment.  

Core Data Services (CDS) seems to become the new preferred data model definition language within SAP as it is being supported in all kind of environments ... obviously within SAP HANA but also on the ABAP stack ( as presented in the current openSAP course ABAP development for SAP HANA ), in the new UI5 development IDE 'SAP River', etc ... SAP Gateway can consume CDS directly as a model source for entities, etc ...

Again this promises to be well spend time to gain further in-depth knowledge on the SAP HANA XS platform and world.


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