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I am following the new openSAP course - Software Development on SAP HANA Delta SPS 11 - by Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman - which discusses the new fundamental changes regarding development on the HANA XS side.

As stated in the course description - "All of the architectural changes described in this course can be summarized in one key point: choice. SAP HANA SPS 11 offers customers and partners the freedom of choice of technologies, tools, and deployment options for high-scale development and operation of native SAP HANA applications."

With SPS 11 we see a fundamental change - a complete new XS architecture which is called 'Advanced XS' and which uses isolated containers for running 'micro services' that can be developed using the newly introduced server-side popular opensource Javascript environment - 'Node.js'.  This is a huge change in terms of architecture.  Other fundamental changes can be found in the area's of 'user management' and the usage of the new HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI).

The existing XS architecture still remains available and is called 'classical XS' from now on.



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