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The openSAP course "SAP's UX Strategy in a Nutshell" by Sam Yen is a 3 hour course aimed at everyone to understand SAP's UX strategy for the coming years.

I have followed this quick course and it was interesting to learn that SAP Fiori and thus its underlying SAPUI5 ( or HTML5 ) technology is becoming the defacto UX technology for any 'new' built solutions.  Initially the SAP Fiori apps were scoped / designed as a 'renew' attempt by bringing a consumerized UI for the most used functionalities within SAP.  The positive reaction of customers combined with its friendly UI ensured its place as 'the' new UI within the SAP ecosystem.

SAP Screen Personas on the other hand is clearly pushed as the technology to allow customers to 'enable' this consumerized UI for the existing SAPGUI transactions.

Overall an interesting quick course which basically confirmed that HTML5 will be the new SAP front-end technology for the coming years ... now let's wait and see what happens with the adoption of the necessary programming skills within the ABAP/4 developmer community.

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