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The new release of the SAP ABAP Application Server 7.40 has been available for roughly 6 months ... the release is packed with new features which are optimized for nowadays business challenges. 

This YouTube video explains the new features in a 'nutshell': 

  • Powered by the in-memory database SAP HANA for fast, optimized 'online transactional processing' (OLTP) and 'online analytical processing' (OLAP)
  • Support for real-time analytics due to the above database
  • REST & OData support via SAP Gateway
  • SAPUI5 for HTML5 web optimized UI's
  • various ABAP (OO) language enhancements with tight integration with SAP HANA and a new development environment - Eclipse studio

This really brings the ABAP stack up to speed for the new mobile-driven enterprise and brings together 2 development environments in 1 platform - the 'old school' ABAP development and the new SAP HANA XS development.  

Sap As 740 Stack 

The integration of ABAP/4 development within Eclipse means that from now on a complete development project which uses the latest technologies (like SAPUI5 & OData services) can be done from within one development environment.

You can also find more information in the following presentation on SDN.


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