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I have been working on a SAPUI5 'proof of concept' application which will display dashboards for the messaging statistics of SAP PI messages. 

The message statistics are grouped into 'cockpit sets' - 'General' ones are available for all users and 'Personal' ones can be maintained by the users themselves.

The cockpit sets concept was developed by us before and users already have a webdynpro applications which allows them to retrieve detailed information and to maintain their cockpit sets.

The SAPUI5 application provides in addition a light-weight dashboard overview of the global status of their cockpit sets. 

 SAPUI5 Dashboard Example

Users can switch between the 'Personal' and 'General' view.  The application will automatically refresh the displayed data.  Users can personsalize the size of the dashboards and the data refresh rate.

The SAPUI5 core is installed on the SAP PI system and uses SAP Gateway to leverage OData services asynchronously which return the cockpit sets configuration and statistical data.


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