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At Umicore we have been running quite a while now on version 7.11 without any issues. 

Overall SAP strategy recommends though to always have your PI stack matching the latest version of any other SAP Netweaver product within your landscape. With some potential new SAP 7.3 systems on the horizon, it was the right moment to upgrade the current PI landscape towards 7.31 Ehp 1.

SAP basis upgrades were performed by HP with some additional basis support from Delaware Consulting.  The Umicore PI team is now going through the process of verifying the system technically and making sure that all adapters are working as expected.

First observations so far seem good ... We are running a dual-stack PI system and in that essence no major great changes were to be expected ... some performance gains here and there ...  This version is the first one which can be installed as JAVA only and as such the major changes can be found at that side ... It incorporates now a JAVA IDOC and HTTP adapter, advanced AEE routing, etc  ...

An obvious visual change is that (again) the message monitoring tools are replaced ... the runtime workbench (RWB) is no longer reachable by default via the integration start page ... instead one is directed towards the NWA 'PI Message Monitor' ... which basically offers the same functionality as the RWB but using the NWA webdynpro look & feel ... Maybe it is a matter of habit but the new look seems to be less 'functional' as the RWB one ... Luckily the RWB still works ... you only have to know the url ...

At Umicore we will remain on a dual-stack for now as we have quite a large amount of custom ABAP functionality (mostly written by us) ... which would take a serious amount of effort to convert into its JAVA counterpart(s) ... oh well at least the dual stack remains supported untill 2020 ... Alot can change in 7 years ... 

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