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The 'old school games development' section contains some of our games I developed when they were still being played under DOS and had 256 colours and a whacking 320x200 screen resolution ... that would be around 20 years ago ... right :-)

For nostalgic reasons you can have a look at some of the games I made and if you want you can download them and even play them using a DOS emulator ( see further below ).

Mazerboy - Maze of Time

Mazerboy is a completely finished game which puts you in control of a boy who is kidnapped by an evil witch and put away deeply into her deadly maze ...

Mazerboy - Start

You need to run around in that maze and collect gems within a specific time ... if you collect enough of them then the exit passage towards the next level will appear ... but once the clock reaches zero the game is over !

 Mazerboy - Level 5

You can pick up all kind of items which will give you extra points, grab watches to give you some extra time, grab extra lifes, etc ...

The game supports saving of high scores and provides passwords to jump right into specific levels ...

The game has 12 levels starting from very small ones to huge ones which will keep you busy forever in finding the exit passage in time ...

Space Hunter

The space hunter game was a demo for a scrolling isometric platform game set in a dark future ... The player controls a space hunter which is send out to recover some goods in a wrecked space ship.

The demo is fully functional and allows the gamer to run around in the first level ... one of the first objectives is to find the electricity problems and turn on the lights ...

DOS Emulator

If you want to play these games in the latest windows OS then you will require a 'dos emulator' ...

I can recommend D-Fend Reloaded which provides a dos emulator and an optimized interface for managing and playing old DOS games ...

How to continue:

  • download the lated D-Rend Reloaded tool at the below link
  • read the installation instructions and ensure the software is compatible with your OS
  • install the software
  • start the software
  • Use the menu - File -> Import -> Archive and point it towards the downloaded ZIP game archive
  • Once installed the game appears in the list of installed dos software - select the game and press the 'start icon'
  • Have fun !

Legal Notice

Please note that the provided software comes 'as it is'. Unless otherwise stated, the software on this website is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall Sedacrivity BVBA be held liable for any damages arising from the use of the software.

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