Customer Proof Of Concept - Android Native App Integrated with SAP ERP


Android native app which integrates with SAP ERP via SAP PI to display lab analysis results. Analyses can be identified via QR code scanning. Retrieved results are stored locally as well to allow data display when not connected.

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  • Native developed Android App
  • Integrated with an SAP ERP backend
  • Real-time retrieval of analysis results
  • QR code scanning
  • Local storage of retrieved results for disconnected data display
  • Customizable settings


A proof of concept with following objectives:

  • build an android native application which connects to an SAP backend system to retrieve data
  • use the open-source native Android development kit
  • leverage existing SAP technology without having to use specialized products like SAP SUP or SAP Gateway 


The application allows users to retrieve lab analysis results by entering an analysis number.

The number can either be scanned as a QR code or can be entered manually.  Upon scanning or entering, the corresponding analysis is searched synchronously in the SAP ERP backend system and any results are displayed.

The retrieved results are also automatically stored locally on the device so the results are also available when the user is not connected to the internet.

Some user preferences like a theme are available as well.


Used Technologies

  • Open-source Android JAVA Development toolkit
  • SAP PI ABAP ICF Services to return JSON data
  • SAP ERP Remote Function Modules
  • No SAP SUP or SAP Gateway used


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