Customer Project - SAP Fiori PI E2E Monitor


SAP Fiori alike web application to display SAP PI End-2-End messages information.

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  • SAP Fiori 'alike' (mobile) web application
  • Search capabilities on message information
  • Display of end-2-end messages status information including backend IDOC & PROXY information
  • Display of detailed value mapping error information (custom PI functionality)
  • Display of stored keys (custom PI functionality)
  • Display of message sources including multi-keyword search
  • Download to EXCEL


The SAP Fiori End-2-End Message monitor provides an easy to use web application for following up the SAP PI mesages exchanged within the customers landscape.

SAP Fiori PI E2E Monitor - Data Result

The application is used by business users, IT business process owners and SAP PI team members to easily search for messages and to look at detailed message information including end-2-end information like IDOC processing status logs.

SAP Fiori PI E2E Monitor - Data Detail IDOC


Message data and related information is retrieved by collecting jobs on SAP PI and by 'real-time' retrieval on SAP backend systems.

The custom-built application is developed using the SAPUI5 mobile library using the SAP Fiori design principles and installed on the ABAP side of the SAP PI system.

The message information & configuration data is exposed to the UI5 application via a custom built OData service running within the SAP Gateway component (installed on SAP PI).



Used Technologies

  • SAP Fiori (SAPUI5 Mobile Library)
  • Open-source JQuery libraries
  • SAP Gateway for OData services


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