Customer Project - SAP PI Message Monitor for Business Users


A user-friendly message monitor for business users which allows them to follow up their SAP PI B2B messages using 'business-related' search data.

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  • Businsess user-friendly SAP XI/PI messages monitor
  • Using 'non-technical' search criteria
  • Using business identifiers like order numbers, invoice numbers, etc ...
  • 'non-technical' message details with information on acknowledgment statuses
  • user-friendly display of  technical message content data using customisable stylesheets
  • Personalization options like selecting default values for most search criteria


SAP XI/PI will typically be used in a large SAP landscape where it will 'serve' alot of SAP ERP backend systems which will generate messages that require monitoring & follow up in case of issues.

SAP PI provides 'out-of-the-box' a lot of tools to monitor and to follow up messages but unfortunately those tools are tailored specifically for administrators & technical consultants.

If you want 'business users' to be able to follow up their own messages then these tools will not be ideal ...

Therefore we developed a custom 'message montior' which could be used by 'business users' to follow up their B2B messages. 

PI B2B Tool - Search Entry Normal

To allow business users to easily find their (own) messages in a proper way one needs to ensure that they can search the messages using their own known business objects ... like 'order numbers', 'invoice numbers', 'material numbers', etc ... This is the main differentiator with the standard technical tools ... there is no need for business users to understand or know any technical information about their messages ... They can use the information they are used working with.

The tool allows them to search for messages using search criteria known to them ... like the different businesses within the company, the name of their business partners, the different kind of business objects involved, etc ...

Detailed information about found messages can be looked at ... with important information like the acknowledgement statuses, any detailed user-friendly reason(s) why messages failed, etc ...

PI B2B Tool - Message Details

The main content of B2B messages is typically not very readable for an average business users ... we don't want them to learn XML so the tool allows to display the message content using 'stylesheets' ... the message data is nicely formatted and can be 'inspected' by non-technical people.

 PI B2B Tool - Message Detail Business Content View


The SAP PI system is used by various busines units within the company (having their own SAP ERP backend) and therefore it is necessary to be able to differentiate between those legal entities.  This means that during message processing a number of custom attributes ( like business unit ) are defined and stored in the sytem.

The tool uses the custom concept of 'business units' within all the linked (technical) PI objects.  This allows us to make sure users will (or can) ony see the partners & messages which are relevant for them.  

The application itself was originally written in JAVA WebDynpro and later on 'migrated' towards ABAP WebDynpro (when that became available and it was clear that SAP was not updating JAVA WD any further).


Used Technologies

  • SAP ABAP WebDynpro
  • SAP ABAP OO classes
  • SAP HTTP ICF Handlers
  • XLST Stylesheets


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