Customer Project - SAP Custom Article Maintenance Transaction


A custom built SAP article maintenance transaction which automates the normal 15 minutes creation of an article into 30 seconds and supports all kind of web related information including screen image management.

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  • 1 central cockpit transaction to maintain a SAP article
  • includes:
  • standard SAP material data
  • vendor related master data
  • pricing master data
  • material characteristics
  • custom material characteristics
  • screen management
  • custom material linking
  • website data management
  • etc ...
  • creation of a new article takes 30 seconds upon saving while the normal process would consist of a dozen separate standard SAP transactions (taking up to 15 minutes in processing time)
  • integrated with the website and the store register software


The gaming industry has a constant flow of new 'articles' that are announced, planned, released and retired in a timespan from weeks till years ... Games are cancelled, relaunched as budget games, etc ... Prices are reluctant to changes and publishers regularly launch 'actions' with price drops, permanent price drops etc ...

This kind of industry thus implies a constant changing article catalog with master data changes on a daily basis ... SAP contains a lot of standard article master data management tools and offers plenty of configuration possibilities ... nevertheless the process of maintaining the SAP article master data via the normal transactions is cumbersome and takes alot of time ... An average article creation would take up to 15 minutes and would require an employee to know a dozen standard SAP transactions ...

Besides the default SAP master data there is alot of 'web' related data to maintain ... description(s) of the game, package & screen images, PEGI related information, linking of products ( games and game time cards eg ),  ... a lot of additional non-standard information which would require additional, custom transactions to maintain ...

To optimize the maintenance of SAP articles it was therefore opted to create a custom maintenance transaction which would allow the central maintenance of all article data - standard SAP and non-standard - using the best possible visual GUI available for standard non-web SAP GUI transactions.

The cockpit has a number of 'tabs' which allow the user to access & maintain specific functional grouped area's of the article master data. 

The tabs are split into:

  • 'Main Article' - containing most of the standard SAP article master data
  • 'Info Records' - the different vendors and related prices
  • 'Conditions' - the various pricing conditions
  • 'Store Register' - information linked with the store register software including the registration of temporary and permanent actions
  • 'Web Tools' - various web relevant information including PEGI information
  • 'Web Texts' - all the various web related texts
  • 'Web Images' - maintenance of the various images for various web sites - it includes auto-resizing & stamping of the images with transfer to the actual web site server
  • 'Article Linking' - custom linking of different articles
  • 'History' - an overview of the history of changes on the material

 The actual persistancy of the data is done via a series of synchronous 'batch input maps' and/or 'BAPI's' when the user saves his work.  Workflow events might be triggered as well for certain specific changes.

Overall the transaction allows for a fast-paced maintenance of the articles and supports various divisions of the company in looking up article data in a coherent manner.  Tight integration with the web site and the store register software ensure an overall, consistent usage of the article master data to display information to customers & employee's.



Used Technologies

  • ABAP
  • SAP GUI Controls
  • SAP Workflow
  • SAP Batch Input Maps


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